Savia Collection – a Dining Table Set Inspired by Nature

October 24, 2019 Furniture Design

woodendot dining table set 11

Daniel García, Creative Director and cofounder at Woodendot, presents the brand’s latest collection. Savia, consisting of a dining table and a complimentary bench. “Nature is part of our brand, and it can be seen in the essence of our designs”, the designer told us. That’s the main reason why both components of this new collection resemble the shape of a leaf. Read More

House in the Middle of a Garden

October 21, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

Casa Nostra Spain tallerdarquitectura 9

Bernat Llauradó Auquer of architecture firm tallerdarquitectura, has completed Casa Nostra, a new house in Bordils, Spain. The design of the house includes two volumes, one that’s vertical and closed off, which houses the bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, and storage, while the second volume is horizontal and transparent, meant for entertaining. Read More

Trough – artwork by Marise Maas, part of Albert Park Residence

October 21, 2019 Art in Interiors

albert park residence melbourne robson rak 3

Restrained yet luxurious, the residence is full of subtle character and personality. This begins with the fact that the street-level entrance gives away nothing more than a quaint cottage, with the grandeur of the property revealing itself once inside. Natural stone floors, pale timber cabinetry, white walls and pale joinery serve as an ideal backdrop for showcasing an abundance of artwork, sculptural pieces and statement furniture. Read More

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