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Breathing new life into old curtains

November 26, 2013 Textile and Wallpaper

new life into old curtains

If your curtains are looking past their best, or don’t go with your new décor: don’t despair. Just because they are starting to look a little past their best doesn’t mean the only thing left to do is buy new ones. Old curtains can be quickly and easily given an update to bring them into the present day. Here are a few tips on how to create window dressings that wow. Read More

Object Carpet

object carpet2

The peculiarity of carpet is its optical depth. Rather than planning to play on the floor is always the same area, a carpet can be a sensory relief accents. The series of Black Art Vulcano by Object Carpet leads together two different worlds: Thinking Makes the dark colors of pebble stones of solidified lava, the pattern of wake of concentric circles of associations with the gardens of the Zen, or waves, which ignites a drop on impact into the water. Read More

Nifty Modular Wall Coverings

modular wall coverings

Using a combination of cards and connecting crosses, IXXI allows users to make, build, and install their own wallpaper, room divider, or wall covering in any size. Looking for some inspiration? The site also has a special collection of pre-designed works like this charming Girl With a Pearl Earring pixelart covering. Read More

New limited edition collection from IKEA

vintage turkish textile

A new limited edition collection from IKEA, with vintage Turkish carpets. For sale in October!  This consists of pillows and rugs made ​​partly of old Turkish wool carpets and new fabrics, and although this is no way something unique – this idea comes in many styles and from many providers – but the result is really successful!  Read More

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