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Light Drop

February 21, 2018 Product Design

copper plated top turquoise base2

Light Drop, an illuminating diversion. This lamp by e27 makes no secret of its special effects. The perforated metal top over a hand-blown glass base not only serves as the lampshade, but also diffuses the light, providing a soft luminosity. Read More

Ikebana flower bowls

December 24, 2013 Product Design

ikebana flower arrangements3

Toko & Noma Ikebana bowls is a new interpretation of the traditional way of Ikebana flower arrangements. The flat vases with additional wire frame enable to set up single flowers and blossoms in the spaces of the geometric pattern.  Read More

Refined shapes of nature

March 19, 2013 Product Design

timeless radiator river

The refined shapes of nature, synergy and permeation with water and its flowing motion define the contours of River, a timeless radiator that brings any place in the world into the home. Read More

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