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New Light Collection by Incipit

December 1, 2014 Product Design


It is a pleasure to introduce the new Light Collection, now boasting two lamps that, owing to their unique and refined design, can gracefully modulate light and create impressive light and shadow effects. Read More

Interesting and innovative design objects by Incipit

March 5, 2014 Product Design


Research and experimentation, energy and dynamism: these are the distinguishing features of Incipit, a young and vibrant reality that has made as its hallmark the collaboration with young designers. Established in Spring 2013 from an idea by Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein, Incipit has distinguished itself through the originality of doing business. Read More

Light Drop

September 5, 2013 Product Design


Light Drop, an illuminating diversion. This lamp by e27 makes no secret of its special effects. The perforated metal top over a hand-blown glass base not only serves as the lampshade, but also diffuses the light, providing a soft luminosity. Read More

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