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Drop of light

March 7, 2013 Modern Lighting

raindrop lamp

Suspension lamps designed by the Javier Herrero Studio for LZF. The Raindrop lamp is a delicate handcrafted drop shaped lamp, made with fine wood veneer strips through which light flows from a glass ball placed inside the lamp. Read More

Spare light-object

February 25, 2013 Modern Lighting

light object2

Spare light-object was designed by J.P.Meulendijks. One light-bulb burns, the other light-bulbs function as a lampshade, diffusing and spreading the light. The burning bulb will light up the other bulbs. When the bulb is burned out: simply screw the lamp-holder on to an other bulb. Read More

Armille by Studiòvo

October 19, 2014 Modern Lighting


armille studiovo interior


 Looking back, taking the purity and authenticity of the primitive forms without renounce to the plenty of content and meaning hidden in every object, in every place, in every story. Read More

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