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Stylish and functional italian kitchens

December 23, 2007 Kitchen Design, Modern Furniture

cosy kitchen interior design

The kitchen is a gathering place. It is the heart of the home, where families gather to chat and cook. Designing a modern kitchen does not simply that it has all the latest kitchen gadgets and fashion. Modern is a design aesthetic that continues to evolve. These Bontempis kitchens  are a definite inspiration to make the move from old to new.

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Rounded kitchen design

December 4, 2007 Kitchen Design, Modern Furniture

rounded island kitchen design

Pedini has been one of Italy’s top kitchen manufacturers for over 50 years. They have always been an industry leader in terms of unique and innovative designs, as well as proprietary cutting-edge technology.  Among Pedini’s trade-mark innovation is the radius doors (concave and convex) which are available in natural wood as well as high-gloss, matte and textured lacquer.

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Stylish hidden kitchen design

October 12, 2007 Kitchen Design, Modern Furniture

stylish hidden kitchen design

The new dimensions of the furniture increase the height of the space that contains them, making them more similar to the furnishings in the living areas. In this way, the cabinets reach new, more rational heights, designed to avoid an ugly overlap of the suspended components. Large sliding doors, which can be made of glass or with the same finish as that of the rest of the kitchen, create alternating opening and closure movements that animate the space and become a distinguishing feature of it.

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Effeti glass kitchen solutions

December 25, 2013 Kitchen Design, Modern Furniture

rounded glass working corner

Every  Effeti kitchen reveals its natural vocation: belonging to those families of objects destined to last over time, objects that we become fond of, that are capable of carrying on the task they were designed for many years. Unique details, unique materials, unique technological solution, unique kitchens.

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