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House in the Middle of a Garden

October 21, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

Casa Nostra Spain tallerdarquitectura 9

Bernat Llauradó Auquer of architecture firm tallerdarquitectura, has completed Casa Nostra, a new house in Bordils, Spain. The design of the house includes two volumes, one that’s vertical and closed off, which houses the bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, and storage, while the second volume is horizontal and transparent, meant for entertaining. Read More

Two Levels U-shape Studio

August 3, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

u shape room atelier tao plus c 5

Located on the ground floor of an old garden house, it’s a U-shape room with a full-faceted semi-circular window facing the back garden. Like many other 1930’s houses in French Concession in Shanghai, the house was originally built and inhabited by one bourgeois family, then was distribute to several families. Read More

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