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Modular carpets by Riccardo Fattori

December 25, 2013 Carpets and Flooring

nochina header carpet

The basic idea of modular carpets by Riccardo Fattori is that of a continuing landscape, a passage from East to West that crosses and links different cultures in a imaginary voyage on our floors. Each carpet has a ivory white background, with eight foreground coloration options, from black to pink to turquoise, that can be mixed and matched. Read More

Gan rugs

October 12, 2010 Carpets and Flooring

palermo carpet

Gandia Blasco, the Valencian design company now widely recognized for its mainly white, outdoor furniture, began over sixty years ago as a textile manufacturer. In recent years, the company returned to its woven roots with a diverse collection of rugs for the home. Produced under the brand moniker Gan, the rugs come in hand tufted and hand knotted varieties, with designs influenced by a multitude of cultures including Persian, Arabic and Mediterranean. Read More

Roubini Rugs

September 29, 2010 Carpets and Flooring

roberto kavalli carpet

Roubini rug, known for hand-knotted silk and wool rugs for powerhouses like Missoni and Versace, has found the perfect match for their stateside expansion. Fearless use of print and color provides endless possibilities to show off the manufacturer’s capabilities. Read More

Turn the Season reversible rug

September 3, 2010 Carpets and Flooring

turn the season reversible rug

Turn the Season reversible rug!!! By Yvette Laduk and YLdesign, will introduced now at NOW! Maison et Objet in Paris. Longing for the warm coloured autumn in mid spring? Or for the fresh greens of spring at the end of the autumn? Simply turn the seasons every time you feel like it with this versatile rug. Made of highly durable materials to last a lifetime. Read More

Hepsi rugs by Loom

August 19, 2010 Carpets and Flooring

hepsi rug

What is most interesting about Loom’s rugs is that although they are made using traditional techniques, Doan Bilgis has also introduced some really innovative contemporary ideas into his business. His ‘Hepsi’ rugs are formed using a patchwork technique which is not traditionally used for rugs, but when Doan Bilgis discovered some artisans in Turkey playing with this idea in 1999, he fell in love with the concept and began working with them. Doan Bilgis named this style ‘Hepsi’, meaning ‘all’ – as the technique uses everything and anything to create these unique rugs. Read More

Contemporary Polish design

May 20, 2010 Carpets and Flooring

modern carpets

Contemporary Polish design, well rooted in Poland’s heritage and cultural diversity, may be attractive to a sophisticated European audience. The traditional patterns and materials used in Polish decorative arts make Polish design unique. The carpet series make from felt, designed by Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin, to confirm what  mentioned. They use lace design or color scheme from polish folk, especially regional apparel. Read More

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