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Collection of ceramic jewellery

July 5, 2012 Accessories, Design Ideas

ceramic module jewellery

Hungarian designer Eszter Imre has developed ‘table-wear’, a collection of ceramic jewellery. The traditional shapes were adapted by hand from their original module. Typical style of patterns were hand-painted on the pieces with gold highlights to further connect them with the original cup or plate. Read More

Marble trays

March 27, 2012 Accessories, Product Design

marble tray lemoon

London-based Shiro studio has developed a series of marble trays, Mare Tranquilitatis, conceived by applying the lunar craters analogy, where every intersecting concavity is metaphorically carved by the mass and weight of the resting objects. Read More

Ceramic objects

February 1, 2012 Accessories

objects paola paronetto

Cartoccio is a series of ceramic objects with a corrugated paper-like surface. Paronetto now widens the original collection by adding new surfaces and finishes, reflecting her love for detail. Read More

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