Itamonte Garage Project by Zebulun Arquitetura

May 25, 2020 Interior Design Ideas

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Located high on the Cosme Velho neighborhood, the Itamonte Garage project was guided by the flexibility of the program and spaces. The 70m² area, previously used as a large warehouse, had only one room, a small bathroom, and a garage with poor lighting and ventilation. Aiming to accommodate a craft beer brewery, the space was modified, becoming one large room with an open kitchen, one suite, one bathroom, and a utility room.

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This current purpose can change in the next few years, either by the possibility of it becoming an independent apartment for rent or going back to its former use as a garage.

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To reduce costs and meet the requested deadline, the construction was managed by the head office and started while the working drawings were still unfinished. This dynamic enabled a closer dialogue with the team, resulting in substantial modifications throughout the process, such as the opening of windows for lighting, the discovery of materials covered by old double walls, and testing for color palettes and other materials.

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The Itamonte Garage renovation, therefore, was characterized by continuous redesigning that allowed the preexisting elements of the space to be highlighted. Architects: Zebulun Arquitetura; Area: 70 m²; Year: 2019; Photographs: Federico Cairoli;

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