Savia Collection – a Dining Table Set Inspired by Nature

October 24, 2019 Furniture Design

woodendot dining table set 11

Daniel García, Creative Director and cofounder at Woodendot, presents the brand’s latest collection. Savia, consisting of a dining table and a complimentary bench. “Nature is part of our brand, and it can be seen in the essence of our designs”, the designer told us. That’s the main reason why both components of this new collection resemble the shape of a leaf.

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“All of our products are uniquely crafted by master woodworkers, who carefully select each piece of wood, taking utmost care of every single detail” Daniel García claims. Sustainable growth is a priority in Woodendot’s values and one of their goals is to promote the rural sector, in the area of Tierra de Pinares, a small region located in Northern Spain. An area whose primary industry has been focused in woodcraft for decades, place where all of Woodendot’s products are manufactured.

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Until this day, Savia is one of its most ambitious projects, the reason why it took almost a year and a half to complete the development process. “We produce locally, but our products are shipped globally. That got us thinking, how can we make the delivery process of a dining table, suitable for 6 to 8 people, a practical operation? and, above all, to do the least harm to the environment. In the end, we concluded the need for dividing the tabletop into separate pieces, that can later be attached, using an innovative connecting system” states the designer.

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In this sense, each ash wood section is, when assembled, linked to the others, thanks to its different colored lacquered wood ‘nerves’. Both, the table and the bench, belonging to this collection, have a hexagonal shape, without forgoing the brand’s signature minimalism, and also resembling both the apex and the base of a leaf.

woodendot dining table set 9
Following the same design, the table and bench have hexagonal-shaped legs made of solid wood, that pair up thanks to crosspieces. These crosspieces share the same finish as the tabletop’s nerves.

woodendot dining table set 14
“We believe in the significance of details, and one of our greatest goals is that those who trust our brand, feel our passion for design and aesthetics” the designer comments. Something that undoubtedly highlights the creations of this brand, apart from design, is its versatility. Both the table and the bench are appropriate to complement different atmospheres beyond the living room. Therefore, the bench is suitable for almost every room in the house, and the table can be the perfect centerpiece for a meeting room.

woodendot dining table set 13
Both pieces are available in three different finishes; black, light stained ash wood and dark stained ash wood. All of them can be combined with black and golden details, for the lacquered wood. These six variants can perfectly fit in almost every area.

Creative Director: diogenes creativo
Photographer: caballero cosmica
Architect: letisaa

woodendot dining table set 2

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