Trough – artwork by Marise Maas, part of Albert Park Residence

October 21, 2019 Art in Interiors

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Restrained yet luxurious, the residence is full of subtle character and personality. This begins with the fact that the street-level entrance gives away nothing more than a quaint cottage, with the grandeur of the property revealing itself once inside. Natural stone floors, pale timber cabinetry, white walls and pale joinery serve as an ideal backdrop for showcasing an abundance of artwork, sculptural pieces and statement furniture.

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For the last 28 years painting has dominated the world of Marise Maas. As she pursues her need to capture beauty within the everyday, the act of painting has, for her, become a form of daily medication, helping to douse feelings of worry or concern through the act of paying attention to the ordinary things she encounters through the course of a day.

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The appeal of Maas’ work lies in this admission that life, for the most part, happens within the rather uneventful ordinariness of daily routines and interactions; the bath is run, the phone is answered, the light bulb is changed. It is while surrounded by these small things that the greater highs and lows of life unfold. Maas states, ‘’I’ve always been interested in glorifying the banal. If you look closely at the smaller detail, you’ll find huge stories’’.

Maas has been fascinated with horses and horse riding since childhood and the repeated depiction of horses within her works represents a form of symbolic stand-in for the often humorous, often tender, qualities of human desire and longing. via

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