Bolshecoffee Roasters & Shop by AKME

September 30, 2019 Design Ideas

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Bolshecoffee Roasters is a minimalist space in a historic building in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia. The project was developed by the architectural bureau AKME. The main aim of the project was to harmoniously pack little space with lots of function: shop, café and cupping area all fit in a small area of 43 square meters.

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The space transforms depending on the situation and needs: the central table serves as a main place for cupping, but as it is mobile, the table may be moved to the back room on other days and the formed vacant space can be used for work and staff-guest interaction. In the back room, there is also a small demonstration stand with various devices and storage options.

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A mobile metal ladder painted in accent blue color and a shelving system made of transparent polycarbonate was designed by architects specifically to maximize exhibition area while preserving the visual lightness of structures. All furniture in the interior was designed by AKME and made to order.

bolshecoffee roasters and shop akme 7

Concrete bar facades, benches, countertops and ultramarine sink were made by LICK MY BRICK team, graphic design was done by Ann Opsteine. The distinctive feature of the project is a combination of light base colors and vivid details that unite the space of two rooms into a whole and create a light mood, which is so necessary in St. Petersburg. Photos by Polina Poludkina;

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