June 15, 2018 Art in Interiors

dobuko art

We all know the group of artists Urban CreaturesBozko and Nasimo who are an inspiration for many of us. In recent years, Urban Creatures have change the surrounding urban environment, inhabiting blocks of flats and buildings in Hadji Dimitar’s district. A new group of artists DOBUKO Crew, eighteen-year-old Andon Bakarov – RIBOK, Luboslav Boyanov – BULER, Kaloyan Nikolov – KO, formed in the National School of Fine Arts “Ilia Petrov”. They are enthusiastic and work hard on styling and author’s handwriting that would bring them closer to the famous group of artists from Poduyane.

dobuko art 20

The boys from DOBUKO Crew are not afraid of failures, they paint on abandoned buildings, city walls, skateboards, and canvases. BULER is a graffiter, with its own form of graffiti letters. RIBOK develops striking images of reptiles and sea creatures, fascinated with color and line. KO is the metal-head in the group, his pictures are a bit darker, creatures from human or animal skeletons in happy colors. In June you can meet them as participants in the We All Write street art festival in Ahtopol, Bulgaria.

dobuko art 3

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