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February 20, 2018 Carpets and Flooring

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Parquet flooring has taken the interior world by storm over the last two years and we too have fallen in love with its rustic and contemporary appearance – we’re only human after all! Parquet flooring dates way back to the late 1600s and originated in a little place France, it was originally installed in traditional chateaux’s and grand houses before peaking the interest of Europeans and finding its way to the UK in the early 1900s. Parquet was most commonly used in big halls, grand houses and school-like buildings before seemingly falling off of the radar in the 1930s due to the rise in popularity of carpets in the 60s/70s. Fear not though! Parquet saw a new lease of life towards the back end of the 80s and has remained a staple part of British culture ever since, but it really has peaked over the last 18 months with so many interior designers absolutely raving about it!

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There are a few different types of patterns when it comes to parquet floors, so here is a breakdown of just what they mean:

  • Herringbone – Probably the most popular choice. Whenever you think of Parquet flooring it is likely that this will be the first style that comes to mind because it’s probably the most popular kind. Often described as being a timeless and classic design that is able to add sophistication to any room that it is installed in. Fun fact – the pattern itself is actually named after the herringbone fish due to the way in which the bones are structured along the fish’s spine!

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  • Chevron – This pattern is a close contender for being the most popular pattern in the parquet world of flooring and it is actually often referred to as French herringbone, just to confuse things further. However, the chevron pattern is different to herringbone due to the way that the planks have been cut. The chevron pattern is responsible for the infamous ‘V’ that is mostly associated with Parquet and seems to be basking in the recent resurgence that has paved the way for the floor.

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  • Brick Pattern – The clue to this design is in the name, the planks of wood are installed to which replicate traditional brickwork and although this pattern would be considered as one of the simpler designs it seems to be increasingly popular. It’s contemporary and has a multitude of uses, in fact this pattern can even be used to create a border around the room you’re installing it in. Another great thing about this pattern is that the planks of wood tend to come in a multitude of shades, meaning that when it is fully laid the different shades are integrated into a unique patten.

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So there are just a few of the options of patterns that are available in the parquet flooring world, and with so much of it available it isn’t really a surprise as to why this style of flooring has took off the way it has! If you’re looking for something stylish and unique then parquet is definitely what you need to make the perfect statement in your home.

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