Coll Coll Transformed 60 sqm Apartment to Include a Dancer’s Pole

February 20, 2018 Design Ideas

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The design team from Coll Coll have completely transformed this 60 square-metre flat, refitting the interior to include a dancer’s pole. A mirrored wall increases the sense of space.

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A lawyer by day, pole dancer by night, with a hip apartment to match. The design brief for this apartment interior was a little out of the ordinary. The team from Coll Coll in Prague describe their first meeting with the client like this:​ “There she sits, in one of the hip cafes of Letna, the cool part of Prague. The friend who introduced us said she was a lawyer, but there is something different about her. Something that just doesn’t fit.”

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So they went and had a look at her apartment, in a unique Modernist building overlooking the park with the pendulum. The pole stands in the center of the apartment. A clawfoot tub in the living area was another special request. There are rose bushes in front of the apartment’s single window. And on the inside of the compact 60 square-metre apartment, there’s a parquet floor, hexagonal tiles, rolling wooden shutters and an antiquated heating system.

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The owner told the design team there were two main requirements for the interior design – a pole and a way to display her shoe collection. And the owner said there was one more thing: “I need a proper shoe rack. It needs to be able to hold my Viennese shoes – the six-inch ones.”

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“Lawyer by day, dancer by night. It starts to make sense,” says one of the designers. To meet these requests, Coll Coll reshuffled the original layout to open up the flat. The bathroom area became a bedroom, and the original kitchen space became the bathroom. The new kitchen was aligned on the axis of the living space. This created a cruciform layout, with the pole in the center. On one axis are the single window, table, kitchen desk, chaise-longue, the pole and a wall of mirrors. On the other axis are the bed, the pole and the bathroom.

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Design: COLL COLL (Collaborative Collective), Klara Sterbova, Marketa Souckova, Kristof Hanzlik)
Builder: Ladislav Voldán
Model: Bonnie Santanico (HELLZ Bitchez)
Photography: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

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