How to Capitalise on the Space underneath Your Stairs

February 20, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

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No matter how big your house is, you will always feel like you don’t have enough storage space and trying to come up with affordable solutions can be a daunting experience. The trick however is to look for things and spaces that you already have and capitalise on them instead of buying new storage items. One such place in the house that you can find ample storage area is the space underneath your stairs. Many people overlook this area and leave it empty. Here are ideas you can use to transform this small area into something useful;

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Install Cabinets and Drawers
Have a carpenter come over and install a couple of drawers and cabinets under the stairs in an elegant manner. You can use them to store clothes, towels, toys, bedding and all the items you have been hoarding in the house. Drawers and cabinets will help you organise stuff and since you can lock them it’s safe and private. If you are interested in creating some more storage space then this is a great idea and getting a free quote from a local joiner is the first place to start.

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Make a Study Area
If the space under your stairs is roomy, you can have a bookshelf with desk installed in there. This space is usually in a very quiet and cool area of the house so you will have all the peace and quiet you want as you study and write. All the books in the house will also have somewhere decent to go instead of being all over the place.

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Make a Closet
Most people have more coats and shoes that they know what to do with. If you don’t have a big closet in your room, make one under the staircase to hang your coats, umbrellas or store shoes.

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Have a Memory Place
In today’s era, it looks tacky when you have framed photos hanging all over the house and mementos on top of cabinets. Instead of making your living room look like a shrine, install a few shelves underneath the stairs where you can elegantly place those family photos, trophies, collectors’ items and even plaques.

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Custom Bar
Most people don’t have a bar in their house because when they were building or buying that house there was no money to install one. Now that you have lived there for a while, a new fancy bar for your daily and party drinks will be perfect. What better place to install a custom bar than underneath the stairs? Ensure it is tastefully done and safe for kids.

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Create a Sleeping Nook
Those who know Harry Potter remember that he slept in a closet under the stairs. Create a small sleeping haven that is not enclosed so there will be air. You can install a pull out bed, sofa bed or an inflatable bed for visitors and teenage boys.

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Without even installing anything under there, you can just enclose the space and make it a store for cleaning gear, paint, vacuum cleaner and everything you use regularly instead of taking them to the garage.

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Secret Bathroom
You can never have enough toilets in a house. Use this space to install a nice cute bathroom and enclose it elegantly. The idea behind using the space under your stairs is just being creative and adding what you need to make it special.

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