Dreamy Scandinavian Apartments – On a Budget

February 20, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

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If you are a fan of the Scandinavian chic look that is all the rage now, but cannot afford to buy the latest Sibast and Fredericia pieces, this page is for you. It is perfectly possible to enjoy the crisp, clean lines of Nordic interior design without the expensive price tag.

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Getting the walls right
The key to the look is crisply finished walls and floors. To get this look, you need to keep things simple. Right now, white walls and light wooden floors is the most popular combination. A style is easily replicated, even on a budget. For the walls, it is all about the preparation. You will only get that crisp, clean finish if everything is rubbed down and filled properly.

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It really is worth taking a few weekends to do this. Sandpaper and filler do not cost much. It may be tedious rubbing down every little bump and filling in the gaps in the skirting, but you will only get the finish you need by doing so. Be chill about it, queue up some of your favorite tracks and zones out while you prepare everything to be painted. Buy good quality paint if you can. Try to apply at least two coats. Do not put too much paint on at one time. This is the best way to get the clean finish you are looking for.

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Great flooring on a budget
It is perfectly possible to get that Scandinavian look using cheap wood flooring. You just need to shop around a bit for it. Buying online is a good way to get a low price, but you have to be careful about the quality. The best flooring suppliers will send you samples. This is by far the best way to ensure that the tone and quality of the flooring you are considering buying is right. If you can, you really should lay the flooring yourself. It is not that hard to do. You just need to buy a few tools and set aside plenty of time to do it. You can learn how on YouTube. Typically laying the floor yourself will save you around 50%.

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Buying the furniture
Scandinavian furniture is not cheap. This is because designers from this part of the world insist on using the best materials and top class workmanship, which, of course, means that their pieces are relatively expensive. However, there are companies out there that replicate their style and make similar pieces from far cheaper materials. This stylish furniture is still reasonably well built so that it will last for a few years. If you want the style without the price tag, you can get it by shopping around and buying what you need gradually.

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Another option is to look for older pieces of Scandinavian furniture that need to be restored and buy them. Bringing these back to life will take time, but provided you do most of the work yourself will not cost you a fortune. If you want more ideas to help you to turn your home into an oasis of Scandinavian sophistication, just click here.

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