How to Improve Your Property for a Quick Sale

February 12, 2016 Design Ideas

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If you’ve had your property on the market for months, or even years, you may be wondering why no one wants to buy your perfect, loving family home. Often, the key to a swift sale lies in the interior design, and it isn’t huge changes that make the difference either. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail.

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  1. A grand entrance

First impressions count, and if the exterior of your home doesn’t welcome the potential buyer with open arms, then the likelihood of an offer is fairly remote. There are many simple ways that you can improve the exterior. If you have flagstones or paving, rent a jet-washer or hire a cleaner for a few hours to remove any moss or debris. If you have a garden area, does it need de-weeding and cutting? If you have a bare patch of earth that you just never got around to, consider whether a gravel path could hide it. For more ideas on how to improve your kerb appeal, click here.

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  1. Enhance the feeling of space

Whether you own a one-bed apartment or a five-bedroomed detached house, never sell yourself short on the amount of space you have. If it’s a small property, light colours on walls and minimal furniture will help to show the buyer that your home is lived in, but not cluttered. If you have a larger property, consider if you’re making the most of all of your rooms. Do you have a potential study being used as toy storage? The buyer wants as much space for their money as they can get, so always give them that extra inch.

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  1. Give your home a key selling point

Buyers today want a “wow factor” in the home they buy, something that instantly sets it apart from anything else they’ve seen on the market. This might be a stunning, high-specification kitchen, or an open-plan living and dining area. It’s a good idea to go and see others properties similar to yours on the market, as a comparison. Talking to an estate agent for advice on homes in your area is another great strategy, such as Linley and Simpson who offer handy selling tips too.

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  1. DIY details

A good way of spotting areas that are letting your house down is to do your own viewing; go around in the mindset of a buyer, and look for the little details that are missing. Do you have a room with bright yellow walls that is scaring them away? Neutral colours don’t have to mean boring – they help to give a room more light and a feeling of space. Are there crooked sockets, loose wiring or peeling paint anywhere in sight? Taking care of the little details can do a lot to boost your selling potential.

I hope these top tips will help you to increase your chances of moving on, into the next chapter of your life.

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