How to Freshen Up Your Boring Bathroom on a Budget

February 21, 2018 Bathroom Design

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Does your bathroom look like decidedly Dickensian? If your mirrors are mucky, your tiles are tainted and your floors are filthy, this kind of atmosphere is unlikely to have you rushing for your favourite book and a glass of wine before enjoying a well deserved steep in the tub.

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In an effort to escape the many horrors of your bathroom, you regularly flock to your local spa, soaking up the ambience and wishing away your troubles as you look around the opulent surroundings for some interior design inspiration.

But it all seems out of reach.

Admittedly, luxury spas spend a small fortune on creating an environment their visitors will never want to leave, but this needn’t mean your own bathroom should be considered a poor relation that’s beyond saving.

Here’s how to smarten it up without breaking the bank …

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Buy New Bath Mats

When you step out from an invigorating shower or relaxing bath, the last thing you want to feel is freezing flooring nipping at your feet. However, thanks to luxury bath mats, you can make sure your overworked tootsies enjoy the kind of unrivalled comfort they deserve.

More than this, choosing your bath mats wisely allows you to not only enhance the overall look and feel of your space, but, thanks to the anti-slip backing, it means you’ll be protected against nasty falls on wet floors.

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Tart Up Your Tiles

If you’ve grown sick of looking at your bathroom’s bland old tiles, it’s time for a change – but before you begin hyperventilating in a budget induced panic, there’s actually a much cheaper option than replacing them: tile stickers.

Designed to spruce up your plain tiles, these stickers can be placed on individual sections or on a larger section to create a brand new look. Pleasingly, they also offer the option to create a customised layout, which means you don’t have to follow the crowd.

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Learn To Accessorise

If you’re a regular spa user, you’ll know that it’s the little things that make a big difference to the enjoyment of your stay – and the same can be said of your own bathroom. Consequently, make your bathroom accessories an integral part of the space.

This can be a new plant or candle, or even some spa-like pebbles or towel holders to replace your existing tatty ones. Additionally, another chic way to add character to your bathroom is to chuck in (not literally) some cheap and vintage glass bottles.

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Now it’s your turn …

Do you have any top tips for transforming a bathroom from shabby to chic on a shoestring budget? Please let us know by leaving your comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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