Renovated apartment in the center of Lucca, Italy

February 21, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

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The frame, striking and unique, is that of the historical center of Lucca, nestled between the remains of Roman ages, medieval recollections and memories of the Renaissance. The renovated apartment “reissued” by designers Marco Vincenzi and Andrea Caturegli marked by a polite respect of the origins in a contemporary way is located in an old building of the sixteenth century, a few steps from the city dome.

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A work of recovery, than that at the same time never fails to impress with original and unpublished exploit. Starting from the large living area, lavishly illuminated by natural and artificial sources – how not to mention the beautiful lamps by Artemide and Fontana Arte – reflecting the linear design, the clean and strict comfortable sofa made by a local craftsman, but also the table of classical inspiration that Studiòvo has recovered and developed with a modern “look”. Adjacent to the living area, separated only by a pocket door in frosted glass, the intimate kitchen is dominated by bright, cheerful decor and accessories. Here, cabinets and furniture in lacquered oak wood join up with surfaces in Carrara marble; and to capture the attention, an original – and industrial inspired – wall with exposed bricks!

renovated apartment studiovo living room

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And to witness the constant and fruitful dialogue with the past, an old trunk “made new,” used by the owner’s grandfather at the beginning of the twentieth century during the crossings to America. Right next to this “memento” located in the living room, small steps lead down to the sleeping area, consisting of two small bathrooms and a beautiful master bedroom; a true loft with exposed rafters on the ceiling. Here, all the furnishings were designed by Studiòvo and custom-built, while the lighting solutions have fallen on very Italian companies, such as Fontana by Fontana Arte and Elica by Martinelli Luce.

renovated apartment studiovo

If you rightly think that the hot teak flooring, the choice of light colors and high-quality furnishings combined with a healthy harmony with its origins represent the strengths of this apartment, just imagine to have a look at the skylight located in room bed or to open one of the windows in the living room: the amazing view of the ancient city with its 100 churches and its historic walls are the real, big, “great beauty”.

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renovated apartment studiovo bedroom

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