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February 20, 2018 Accessories

artico ceramic containers incipit

Established in Spring 2013 from an idea by Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein, Incipit has distinguished itself through the originality of doing business. Incipit is a training laboratory, a workshop where designers can refine their art and craft of being a contemporary designer. Incipit is an innovative solution, an opportunity for young designers to make their ideas real projects, supporting them in overcoming the difficulties of talking to the traditional manufacturing companies and the market. Artico is a pair of ceramic containers with a smooth and organic shape. On the metallic mirror lid a little paper-folded-shaped boat and an iceberg float. Was the designer inspired by the great lakes of Northern Europe or by a child playing with a paper boat in a puddle? What is certain is that, thanks to the minimal and contemporary shape, Artico is a design object that will enchant all ages.

artico ceramic containers

Barlume is a collection of glass candle holders inspired by the most classic and iconic object of Italian tables and osterias. The stylised bottle comes in delicate colours, which range from ochre to light blue to raspberry, applied using the ancient luster varnish technique of the Venetian glassmakers. A minimal yet precious decoration for a romantic atmosphere.

barlume collection glass candle holders

barlume collection glass candle holders incipit

Sunset is a family of three blown-glass vases made of two parts. Sunset, with its poetic colours and delicate shapes, is perfect for both long stem flowers, when it is presented as a bottle and for bunches of fresh spring flowers, when it is in the shape of a vase.

sunset family three blown glass vases

sunset family three blown glass vases 1

sunset family three blown glass vases 2

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