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February 20, 2018 Art in Interiors

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The Inspiration, influence, exchange and superimposition are, precisely, the origins  Collage an internal project by Stella Tosco. Initially created as a fashion brand, serien°umerica has enjoyed a number of opportunities to broaden the scope of its projects over the course of its existence. Following on from two Jewellery exhibitions, born out of an in-depth exploration of the forms and materials used by artists and designers having tackled this theme, today serien°umerica wants to continue in this direction with a new project offering new conceptions of the reality in which we live while remaining in the territory of hand-crafted items. Making use of spaces left temporarily empty, their prior uses having ceased and their new ones pending, we propose an internal project by Stella Tosco.

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The project Collage originates as a work and study tool, a way of creating a garment through stratification. The project’s point of departure is the desire to move from design on paper to something more concrete and tangible, forming a “trade union” between the model and the garment.
These collages arise from photocopies of old photographs or created by the designer herself or indeed taken from books and magazines and brought together to create a new image which, in turn, is photocopied and to which paper and fabrics are applied to make a more three-dimensional, living whole. A pyramid structure where each image contains further images which, themselves, contain further images still.
But all of this is not enough to explain the “need” for collage. There is something else. This artificial building up is a means of simulating the passage of time. Artificially creating the same stratification that only the years can offer. Stella Tosco Collages entail a perhaps unconscious desire to rise up through countless layers infused with lost elegance, to seek out its soul and revive it in the present day.

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Stella Tosco
Born and graduated in Vienna, in 2006 she moved to Italy and studied Fashion at Turin’s European Design Institute.
After completing this course, she began to work with serien°umerica, designing and project-managing garments and collections with Maria De Ambrogio.
In the meantime, she continued her studies at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London.

The presentation of serien°umerica’s collections gives her the chance to visit the world’s major capitals of fashion and culture, where comparison and interchange are at their most rife, often sparking off or influencing future collections and initiatives.

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serien°umerica presents Collage, a solo exhibition of Stella Tosco
26 June 2014 | via Bonelli 11 | Turin

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