Office space turned into charming home

February 21, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

charming home art wall decor

Sometimes a property has much more potential than we realize. This 1865 construction  in Norway, for example, has been used for decades only as corporate office space. His luck changed when a couple saw beyond the fluorescent lamps and boring white walls. And then decided that the place would turn into a charming home.

charming home living room

The cool thing is that the history of the building was not  completely changed beside modern finishes – original details are also displayed proudly, like a steel beam that cuts through the kitchen ceiling. The industrial past has influenced even the decor, determining the use of sober colors, woods veined and shows the unique resin floor. Signed design furniture, fun and colorful paintings complete the picture and create a funky house.

charming home kitchen area

dining area

charming home lighting

ex corporate office space

charming home art object



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