Minimalist concrete house with red accents

February 21, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

door lacquered red

How to kill the grayness and equal tone at interior color schemes? Be brave. If you have a favorite color use it. Create a positive atmosphere. Choose the one most important color that will set the mood you want. This beautiful Brazilian home is an example of how to use the red color in the interior.

minimalist concrete house

minimalist concrete house outdoor dining area

Example of typical architecture in Sao Paulo, the house of Philip is detached, glued to the neighbors side – deployment that almost always results in dark and stuffy rooms. The new building, however, was designed so as to integrate the landscape of the neighborhood. Both problems were solved with the construction of an indoor garden, surrounded by glass, and the plant ‘s center downstairs.

minimalist concrete house interior

minimalist concrete house red interior decor

minimalist concrete house living area

minimalist concrete house dining area


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