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February 21, 2018 Furniture Design

refined products popit stool

The 2014 collection demonstrates Frag’s ambition to create an increasingly comprehensive and distinct range of products for the home, relying on the rules of tradition while also placing a strong and inquisitive emphasis on experimentation.

soft leather stool

With this objective in mind, the company is not only researching into the use of new materials and production methods, but also exploring the possibility of expanding into new and different types of products for the home, thereby defining the company’s own identity more accurately and precisely. At the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair, Frag is introducing an increasingly rich collection that conveys luxury and sophistication, a selection of elegant and refined products that can fit into a variety of settings. These products include a series of accessories for the bedroom designed by Ferruccio Laviani, a table by Christophe Pillet and a desk by Gordon Guillaumier.

elegant refined products popit stool

The new products also include the fruit of recently established collaborations – such as the charming Popit stool, which is the result of the collaboration with the young duo Analogia Project. The simple wood frame of the stool/pouf is highlighted by the charming soft leather upholstery, which, like a stylish tunic, is held in place by a lovely  leather “belt”.
Available in two different heights and seat sizes, one low and wide, the other tall and narrow, this piece can be used to give form to a living area, adding a touch of eccentricity, or to lend a whimsical feel to a lounge bar.
The wide range of upholstery options available for the seat enables Popit to take on different stylistic expressions and suit personal tastes. The possibilities range from a classic soft leather in a delightful selection of colours, to more fanciful and sophisticated choices like Mongolian or Merino sheepskin.
This design by Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra, the creative minds behind Analogia Project, reveals a desire to explore the archetypal forms of everyday objects paired with a whimsical and playful vision that strikes a balance between design, art and fashion. Beneath a seemingly simple appearance, Popit conceals a creative originality that tickles the imagination and toys with the traditional furniture categories, shifting between simplicity and poetry, functionality and charm.

classic soft leather stool

This is just a small taste of the exhibition, which features furniture pieces having different uses within rooms, created by designers who are capable of offering their own personal interpretation and shaping material in a striking manner.

charming popit stool

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