Unique and flexible café interior

October 21, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

simple decor low cost materials5

IT café is a fresh project in a city with a great desire and determination to push forward. The space’s simple and low cost materials referencing a packing crate create an experience that is simple and structurally honest. The result is an environment that is inviting, dynamic and genuine to the materials used and food served.

simple decor low cost materials3

An open and horizontal glass storefront brings in ample natural light whilst giving the cafe ample exposure to the street where a small but comfortable dining patio connects the guests to the street and shows off the activity of the cafe. Through the use of glass, the existing building brick facade and wood keeps IT neutral allowing its identity to stand out. Big, bold letters ”i” and lowercase ”t” identifying a fork and a knife not only lend a somewhat modern texture but also harp back to the iconic identity of the 1969 Valentine typewriter by Olivetti whilst orally referencing the word “EAT”. Simple, retro and iconic, IT’s  identity by This is Amateur has visual power and symbolic food reference. via

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