Furniture with a very unique look

October 15, 2013 Furniture Design

eco friendly driftwood furniture6 520x418

Baptized By Nature driftwood furniture collection by Catherine Op de Beeck. Untreated tree trunks and logs add an element of nature to the decor as well as they are Eco-friendly. Catherine uses them in her designs and creates some modern and stylish furniture. In her designs, Catherine Op de Beeck uses driftwood as an element, but it certainly takes the main focus. The tables feature tree log legs while the shelves rest on the trunk base. The furniture looks modern but with an element of nature that adds a special touch to it.

eco friendly driftwood furniture1 520x318

eco friendly driftwood furniture5 520x366

eco friendly driftwood furniture3 520x379

eco friendly driftwood furniture4 520x465

eco friendly driftwood furniture2 520x509

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