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October 3, 2013 Furniture Design

sol rocking chair1

 Constance Guisset confirms her creative spirit in her first design for a Molteni&C product, matching her rigorous study on the development of surfaces in three-dimensional forms with lightness. With her Sol rocking chair, made entirely out of laser-cut aluminium sheets, shaped in a cold press and then arc-welded, the result obtained goes one step further: an airy and enveloping object of rare proportions where the optional use of an easily removable cover envisages differing situations, thanks to vibrantly coloured finishes and punched surfaces, where light plays to create fairytale shadows.

constance guisset lighting instalation7

Ron Gilad’s new collection of furnishings, Grado°, underlines the designer’s interest in basic geometric shapes. Tables large and small, wardrobes, bookcases, mirrors and shelves play conceptually and materially with revolutionary lements, thereby becoming objects that fascinate and capture our imagination.

ron gilad collection grad4

ron gilad collection grad3

ron gilad collection grad5

The armchair Tight has an essential modern line, typical of the language of origami, where forms and planes alternate without a solution of continuity. Entirely covered in fabric or leather, there is a contrast between the base, with a subtle but marked contour, and the enveloping seat that underscores the idea of comfort.

armchair tight6

Foster+Partners never cease to amaze, this time with a small, highly unusually shaped table. The low Teso table is the successor to the award-winning Arc table and shares a similarly experimental approach to materials and production methods. The table’s base is formed by a robotic arm, which is used to press and twist a perforated disc of steel into a tough, tapered cylinder. The design team tested different perforations to the flat metal sheet that would give the base strength, while creating a distinctive geometric patterned mesh. The result is a complex form where lightness and solidity attract and conquer unhindered. Teso is available in a brushed stainless steel, brushed brass or bronze painted finish. Functionality is guaranteed by extra light transparent glass tops that reveal the complexity of the structural forms from whichever angle you observe them.


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