A low-cost project at Barcelona

October 3, 2013 Interior Design Ideas


Studio that undergoes transformation and becomes attractive youth home with minimalist design. The project is try to maximize the functionality of space for the new and contemporary use, but at the same time not to lose the identity of the neighborhood and materiality of the existing building. The economic aspect was an important part of the projectit had to be a low-cost project done in a relatively short-time execution.

living room5

The apartment wooden ceilings, as well as brick walls, are painted white to be a blank base for the activities of its future occupants. The heart of the house is around the library, which separates the dining room from the built-in closet and, at the same time, joins the kitchen, dining room and the living room; it is an all-in-one element: staircase, bookshelf, closet and bench. The staircase leads to the small gallery located on the top of the closet and is a space with a guest bed. via

apartment wooden ceiling4


white brick walls bedroom2

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