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September 18, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

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In cooperation with RAW studio from Brno, a design studio VRTIŠKAŽÁK has designed a new interior solution for KKCG building in Vinohradská street. RAW – an international investment group of Karel Komárek that focuses on environmental strategy and sustainability have asked the designers to  come with an interior that wouldn´t be only interesting and modern but responsible to the treatment of environment. The maximum effect was achieved by using natural materials in contrast to a neutral environment.

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The dominant feature of the building is twenty-one meters high polygon interior facade formed from lacquered aluminum profiles. In conjunction with vertical garden of the same height and circumference of twelve meters consists these two elements dominant element of five entry foyer. This living wall is connected to the computer that controls the continuous and uniform irrigation. All this is complemented by corian reception and barrisol light up ceiling.
In this ground floor, you can find an office restaurant with a ceiling looking like foyer facade. Here was the principle placed in a horizontal position to make a floating effect of the ceiling and to cover the installations. The space is divided again with vertical green wall with lacobel clading, wooden furniture, bar and a blackboard to communicate a season offers. Vladislav Žák notes: “We were looking for a way to significantly resolve the ceiling as the only free space to creatively grip area. It is also a way to a novel form of hidden installation and yet to achieve a light scattering through the lamellae.”
The meeting rooms in upper floors are made as wooden box frames that are implemented into an existing space. Meeting rooms are equipped with privalight glass technology, which allows the users to mild the glass only by touching a switch. Roman Vrtiška notes: “The technology of liquid crystals inside the glass allows the touch of a button from the originally clear glass to create an instant milky opaque wall. It is an ideal solution for private meetings in the boardroom.”

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Corridors are covered with vinyl woven carpets and equipped with a custom made doors. Office door shave a colored glass on a side to give the space a fresh look and to be an orientation point in between business divisions as well.
Current offices are divided into categories VIP, TOP and Standard. Executive offices are made in a pandomo material in combination with steel sheets claddings. These claddings can be used as a magnetic board to hang photographs or personal pictures. All together are again in a combination with wooden furniture. TOP office spaces are drawn in white combined with wood, the Standard office are provided with vinyl carpet, white and green accents in the form of screens.
Clubroom is a room equipped with hidden storage and a fireplace. The room zones are divided with a pile of wooden logs, stored in a metal frame. Together with the spaces also a terraces were redesigned in a way to create more user friendly surrounding and more natural touch.
The building also newly created employee fitness, which could be defined as raw space. Concrete walls and ceilings with exposed networks are softened green rubber floors and wooden box with changing rooms, toilets and showers. Green floor is in direct contrast to the deep red interiors dressing rooms. The whole area gets another dimension with the use of mirrors throughout the length of the room.
Together with the green floor in fitness, you can find a similar color in a garage. Garage is made all in one green color with grass upper line element to reach a positive vibes. Very dominant is a white orientation system, placed on a floor and walls so you always know where to go or where are you right now.

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