Brazilian vintage style apartment

September 10, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

duplex apartment interior7

A complete transformation of 48m² apartment by by Mauricio Arruda Arquitectos & Designers. The goal was to expand through the unity of both floors of this duplex apartment, the project has a restricted color and material pallet.

duplex apartment interior6

duplex apartment interior4

duplex apartment interior1

To invert the often used “wooden floor and white walls” combo, white epoxy painting over the existing floor was used on both floors and the walls were covered by a mix of gray and beige, known in the fashion world as “greyge”, which embraces the sobriety and masculinity of gray with a touch of warmth from the brown tones.

duplex apartment interior5

duplex apartment interior3

The woodwork from the ground floor has ebonized finishing, both in the living room´s shelves and in the kitchen cabinets. The only exceptions to the black-white-greyge pallet are the kitchen´s floral cement tiles, the Moroccan Berber carpet and the illustrations that compose his Brazilian vintage collection.

duplex apartment interior2

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