Light Drop

February 21, 2018 Product Design

copper plated top turquoise base2

Light Drop, an illuminating diversion. This lamp by e27 makes no secret of its special effects. The perforated metal top over a hand-blown glass base not only serves as the lampshade, but also diffuses the light, providing a soft luminosity. It is an “illuminating” design in the strict sense of the term, which was nominated for the 2014 German Design Award. Whether in the centre of the room, on an end table, or in the window, the Light Drop ensures the proper mood lighting and atmosphere. Available as an éminence grise with grey glass and a pale grey powder-coated top, or as a colourful dash of light with a copper-plated top and a turquoise base. Nominated for the German Design Award 2014!

copper plated top turquoise base1

steel drop light magic4

Steel Drop, light magic in a steel case. For the new version of the e27 lamp, the precision steel light screen sits on an opaque metal base, separated by a thin band of black wood. The Traffic White model is an elegant study in black and white, while the black-on-black version emphasises the look of a technical element.

steel drop light magic5

Thron, a floating cornucopia.  Beginning with the Drop lamp, the perforated metal element has become a trademark of the e27 design studio. Here, they have turned it on its head to create a bowl. Whether filled with fruit, cookies, or anything else, the contents come into their own as they peek through the metal screen. The bowl is mounted on an asymmetrically positioned terrazzo base, giving the piece a perfect lightness of being.

thron bowl3

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