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August 22, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

duplex penthouse4

This duplex penthouse is inside a new building located in Arnedo, Spain. The spatial solution is not conventional, due to the flip of the floor use found in a traditional duplex. The main access and social area are in the upper level, while the bedrooms and more private zone are in the lower one. Turning upside down the levels not only modifies the use of them, but also changes completely the configuration of the space of each one. This space adapts seamlessly providing an open concept living room and unifying it with a large wooden deck terrace. A number of elements in this floor are used to give character, while they organize space through its functions: the stairwell divides the kitchen from the living and dining area.

duplex penthouse5

duplex penthouse7

duplex penthouse3

duplex penthouse6

duplex penthouse2

duplex penthouse1

duplex penthouse9

duplex penthouse8

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