Paling Fence House

May 20, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

paling fence house 9

Tucked away in the former backyard of a house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Paling Fence House is part of a dual occupancy development. With the rising population density in the country’s suburbs, this type of development is increasing and posing a whole new set of challenges to architects. Australian architect Aldo Agustin, who specialises in small scale residential projects, rose up to the task and delivered a bright, modern, three-bedroom house that adapts to its context while at the same time bringing something fresh to the area. via

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Consistent with the Australian vernacular, the abstraction of timber paling fences applied to the house’s entrance is a reminder of the site’s previous function as a backyard and demarcates the beginning of the ‘private’. The latter is a boundary which is often blurred in this type of dual occupancy dwelling.

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