Small Parisian studio apartment

May 8, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

small parisian studio apartment7

A renovation of a small Parisian studio apartment focuses on a the relationship of different light qualities within the space, employing binary sources of artificial illumination. French firm Betillon- Dorval-Bory used an incisive, scientific approach to light within the built form, using a range of indices to evaluate specific moments of color and spectral distribution. Given the technical considerations of the project, lighting with alternately low or high CRI is composed according to the program- the kitchen and living room required color distinguishing illumination, while the bed and shower merely require monochromatic light. The bipolarity of the light quality helps shape the space, instead dictating use, circulation and paths of movement free of a plan and following the logic of composition generated by light.

small parisian studio apartment2

small parisian studio apartment1

small parisian studio apartment3

small parisian studio apartment6

small parisian studio apartment5

small parisian studio apartment4

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