Creative Space Serbia

May 1, 2013 Furniture Design

kako ko9

Creative Space Serbia, a platform promoted by the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA), has once again made a leap forward in design research and will be showing at the Milan Design Week. Designs to be shown were selected through a highly selective competition and then produced by the Serbian companies.

kako ko10

The exhibition projects expression of new languages and sensitivities which have developed as a result of a dialogue and synergy between young designers and the industry, in a country filled with cultural ferment, able to surprise with unprecedented and original appeal of its projects. Creative Space Serbia has a dual mission: scouting for new talents and creating production alliances between the designers and manufacturers.

The theme of the 2013 edition, under the art direction of Mirko Tattarini – Lagos Design Studios who was also in charge of previous editions, is Yurope – The 3rd Domestic Landscape. The starting point for reflection is memory and the cultural baggage which Serbia, an official EU candidate, carries and is able to bring for the broader European identity.

An internal space that is free and “uncultivated”, an oasis of life and spontaneity: the “third landscape”, inspired by the definition of French landscaper and writer Gilles Clément. Based on this concept, each designer devised his or her own idea of a “memory box” in the creation of a new generation of storage units, where both space and contents, whether real or imaginary, play a primary role.

kako ko13

Designer: KAKO.KO
Manufacturer: Gir –
VMP is a set of cupboards and chest of drawers created as unpretentious homage to 1980s children’s educational TV program of Radio-Television Belgrade – BIG and SMALL PROGRAME. Their aesthetics combine natural wood with bright yellow inserts for a retro yet contemporary look.

ivan kucina clara7

ivan kucina clara14

Manufacturer: Cempres –
Clara is a storage unit system made of a coffee table and a chest of drawers. Informal and user friendly, Clara enables building a personalized bedroom environment just by placing one component on the top of another. Clara collection is also made up of a namesake bed designed by Ivan Kucina for Cempres in 2012.

sasa mitrovic matrioshka8

sasa mitrovic matrioshka16

Manufacturer: SCS Plus / Ergomade – /
Matrioshka is a system of wooden storage units which nest in one another. Its components (wardrobes, drawer units, sideboards) can be pulled out and arranged in any setting to the customer’s liking. When closed, the partitions and legs disappear under the base of the unit. Matrioshka, like the Russian doll it is named after, started off as a game, but it is a subtle one that makes you think about the mystery concealed behind the exterior appearance. It is an object that contains objects and, concurrently, protects our identity.

od do deda15

od do deda18

Designer: Od-Do
Manufacturer: Ergomade –
Grandfather made a very small wooden chair for his grandson before he was born. Now, the grandson is 40 years old. A small chair still lives in grandmother’s house – keeps the door open, serves as a stair to reach the things placed on higher shelves in the kitchen, for sitting and putting on shoes in a hall … Meanwhile, the grand grandson is sitting on it. The little thing that „moves“ throughout the house and pleases adults and children in various situations. The box came out of this story, borrowing a part of identity of this „little thing – nothing and everything“. Box and a sitting „thing“. Can stand alone and goes well in a group, one above or beside another, facing up or down. A normal rectangular box on the inside, curved sides comfortable for sitting on the outside. Its form hides a traditional Serbian male hat. Made of birch plywood and veneer, finds its place in private rooms and schools or kindergartens.

ana babic play3

Designer: ANA BABIC
Manufacturer: Jasen –
Play is a system of storage units consisting of five tool boxes fitted on a swiveling support which recalls a Ferris wheel in miniature: an invitation to enjoy the fun of a funfair, which Play celebrates the vitality of. Made of plywood, the boxes stand out for their multicoloured interior, always on show, just like the objects stored in them..

tamara svonja flat11

Manufacturer: ERGOMADE –
Flat is a wall coat rack made up of wooden modular panels and colored handles. Interactivity and customization are its distinguishing premises: scrolling the handles through the panels slits, it is possible to hang coats, hats, and bags in the way the user wants, why its modularity allows to adapt it to every space dimensions and characteristics. Used on an entire surface, Flat becomes an inedited wall covering solution.

stevan djurovic ne.ko12

stevan djurovic ne.ko17

Manufacturer: Simpo Šik –
Ne.Ko is an unedited coat hanger that can be unrolled and hanged on the wall and then rolled and stored in a very small room. Practical and informal, it offers the chance to raise and fasten its lower part in order to store personal belongings as clothes and sheets. With a very DIY approach, it is sold in an assembly kit; thanks to its distance rings, it can be assembled according to different tastes and needs.

milica pavlovic storing frame5

milica pavlovic storing frame6

milica pavlovic storing frame19

Manufacturer: Gir –
Inspired by traditional Serbian craft-knitting, storINg FRAME is an abstract geometric 3D composition that revolutionizes the typology of the silent valet. Its components can rotate from the 2nd to the 3rd dimension, offering a variety of opportunities to organize our personal belongings. Wall hanging or free-standing, storINg FRAME can be combined with additional boxes and storage units for a personalized configuration.

ana babic light sisters4

Designer: ANA BABIC
Manufacturer: Lanterna –
Light Sisters is a collection of three lamps delivering a specific ambient light to interiors. Made of metal tubes with led stripes, they appear as sketched, illuminated cubes floating in space. Besides their most obvious function, Light Sisters can also be used as bookshelves or a place to store your favorite magazines.

stevan djurovic luna1

stevan djurovic luna2

Manufacturer: Lanterna –
A lamp that renounces to the most common typological requirement in lighting, the switch, and can be turn on an off by rotating its big globe. The legs are made of black matte metal and are practically invisible when it is turned on, recalling the presence of a full illuminated moon, as the name “Luna” suggests.

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