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April 30, 2013 Furniture Design

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2013 is a year full of news for CLEI. The company is 50 years old and is celebrating with management innovations, marketing, products, processes and patented technologies and future developments.

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Clei was founded in 1963 with a strong inclination to focus on the design of transformable systems, and over time became undisputed specialists in multifunctional habitat, with collections of innovative hign tech products capable of meeting the growing demands of the market for versatile solutions for home furnishings, holiday homes and businesses.

With this design philosophy based on creativity and innovation, Clei multiplies the value of space and allows you to have an extra room in the Living & Young spaces, while others try to emulate the style and follow its genius, Clei demonstrates eternal youth and presents highly innovative projects:

ECOOKING is a complete vertical kitchen where economic sustainability and energy come together in an ambitious project, which interprets and solves the problems of contemporary living. The name chosen for the single module already says a lot about the philosophy behind it, ECO as in ecologically sustainable, COOKING as in cooking. The technologies of the project are in fact energy-saving, integrated with an internal retrieval of energy system, which thanks to the close proximity and interaction of appliances to each other exchange heat and moisture.
The electrical elements of the kitchen are powered by the energy produced by solar panels. On one side of the kitchen module there is placed a small vertical garden, which allows the cultivation of aromatic plants for daily use.
The water coming from the sink is filtered and reused in the dishwasher; then undergoes a second filtering process and is used to water the plants in the vertical greenhouse.

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