Danish summer house

April 29, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

danish summer house3

Architects Mette and Martin Wienberg designed their Danish summer home to meet the whole families requirements. Completed in 2006, this 200sqm residence features ample of natural daylight, earthy light tones, and a choice of materials that give out a sense of warmness and coolness at the same time.

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The interior language contrasts with that of the exterior creating two different sensations where the presence of large glazed openings in all the spaces have a picture perfect view of the outdoors. Inside, the rooms are broken up into different styles in order to entertain all the family’s moods and desires. With the use of concrete and steel in the kitchen, a more strict and mod atmosphere is created. Meanwhile the reading/living area next to it is paneled with wood and upholstered with leather capturing comfort and intimacy. This space acts like a ‘warm cove’ – a sanctuary that could easily be described as a quiet room.

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