An apartment of 50m2 by Goma Oficina

April 24, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

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The apartment is located on the eighteenth floor, and the window have views of downtown São Paulo, Júlio Prestes Station, and through behind the Cantareira. Because it is a flat free plan, with only the closed bathroom, the civil works were small. The kitchen area has gained more at the expense of decreasing the bathroom, and a new floor was laid in hydraulic core.  The project used the premise of utility furniture (benches, cabinets, shelves and tables) as heart of the functions of the house.

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The furniture was then the project object.  The furniture has a concept based on metal structures, with plans that vary from timber, to glass and translucent polycarbonate. The tops of the kitchen sink and counter are Marmoglass material, a mixture of crushed stone and resin, clear and easy to clean, seeking the convenience and hygiene that require these surfaces.  The cabinets that divide the living area of the private area of the house is the basis of rotation which allows the space to be remodeled depending on the use. In the same intent, the table is also easily moved, and can fit in will the counter that divides the kitchen from the living room.  The furnishings were designed by Workshop Goma, and performed by Elo Engineering firm Uberaba (MG), where the furniture was almost entirely made. The approach to the production of furniture allowed us the freedom to experiment systems and dimensions. Therefore the design of the furniture turned over this process of experimentation. And even the finished project has traces this experimentation.  Much of the development of the project was due to the direct approach with the furniture manufacturing and knowledge from the locksmith Branco, indispensable to the solution and implementation of our ideas.

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Goma Oficina is an young architecture office, based on São Paulo, Brasil, since 2009.via

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Photo: Lauro Rocha

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