Pallets loft

April 17, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

pallets loft

This stunning home is the work of Florence-based studio Q-bic, “pallets loft” is a renovation of the attic space of a nineteenth century industrial building situated on the edge of the historic center of Florence, Italy. Comprised of 180 square meters of living space, the loft has a multi-purpose destination for hosting small events and parties but also acts as temporary accommodation for guests.

pallets loft9

The loft has a seamless look with small partitions that have been painted in different hues that marks the space and emphasizes the division of functions. The appearance is poly-functional which led to the choice of pallets for furnishing solutions both for a cosmetic issue and for their intrinsic function, that of ease of handling. In fact, both the beds that the kitchen island and where appropriate, the console housing the sinks in the bathroom, you can move and find a place in other rooms, freeing surfaces and changing the connotation of the place

The two opposite ends are placed environments “night”, separated from the living area by sliding walls central in natural iron. The choice of finishes and materials helps to emphasize the industrial origin of the place, where by contrast a few selected items of furniture, design classics (Eames, Saarinen, Le Corbusier) living with contemporary design elements.

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