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April 8, 2013 Furniture Design

heta design philippe bestenheider

Original reinterpretation of the classic wing chair, the versatility and the combination of materials are essential in defining the strong personality of the new Heta, the brainchild of Philippe Bestenheider eclectic. The simple design, created by four rods in beech-shaped “H”, supports the tailoring leather lining which is upholstered seat, back and arms, as if balanced on spindly stilts. via

kant design adrian peach

Among the firsts both in terms of co-operation and the type of product, the desk of Adrian Peach Kant affirms the value of an object that retains its practical relevance and its iconic value despite changes in patterns of use in the contemporary home. via

noa ikeuchi tommaso nani woodpecker3

A new collaboration with the Italian-Japanese duo Mist-o, which brings the debut of delicious hanger Woodpecker. The work of the couple formed by Tommaso Nani and Noa Ikeuchi, arising from the desire to communicate in a simple and genuine, a vision of the world where the objects represent the resolution and merging of layers of meanings and symbols. Woodpecker is a hanger consisting of a core plexiglass in which are inserted wooden supports for clothes coated with a strip of leather that, given the transparency of the central tube, seem almost floating in the air; other three wooden chopsticks constitute instead the support base. A product traits and elementary geometry that plays on the dialogue between materials and the possibility of transformation according to the needs and creativity. via

noa ikeuchi tommaso nani woodpecker4

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