La Butiq Bar

April 2, 2013 Interior Design Ideas


Isabel López Vilalta+Partners have designed ‘La Butiq’ bar in the La Moraleja complex on the outskirts of Madrid. The bar’s name comes from the old, previously existing business. The owners wanted to highlight the counterpoint between classic and modern by giving it a new and contemporary air.


The premises – between party walls- opens its two contrasting glazed façades; to an outdoor terrace creating an atmosphere of chill- out style and to a portico area in the other facade where meals are served. The goal was to create a unique and enveloping space, a meeting point of great versatility. By day it adapts to a mainly executive public and at dusk it is transformed into an elegant cocktail bar.

The reformation of the space was achieved by eliminating an attic in order to give greater height and organizing the space from a large central bar around which everything is distributed and organized. Careful lighting brings warmth to the whole.
Stainless steel and brass light reflectors become more evident thanks to a system of indirect lighting which floods us with contrasts. The lamp, especially designed for this project, is suspended from the ceiling and illuminates the entire space, as much for work as for the diners.
Interdisciplinary work with a team of young graphic designers has given rise to use part of the pixilated graphic application. The use of an updated, revisited classic print has been a formal resource to clad the facing wall that separates the access from the services, as much on glass as on stainless steel.





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