Creative Remodeling by Helen Brasinika

April 1, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

mountain residential house111

The customer desired ware to keep the mountain context, without emitting stereotypical rustic remembrances of existing mountain residential houses. It involved a radical renovation. The aim was to create a space where everything would be manufactured on site, using basic materials like metal and pine wood. The house has 3 levels, accommodating en-suite bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms and autonomy in daytime activities.

mountain residential house31

mountain residential house41

mountain residential house71

mountain residential house81

mountain residential house51

Emitting the architectural feeling of black burnt metal and volcanic stone. Construction and levels of nighttime and basic traffic patterns were defined by black metal, mineral aggregates defined the floorplans, wet areas and main elevations while pine wood defined the storage areas. The color palette was reduced to minimum contrast and low saturation in order to let the materials and textures define the context of the project redefining prevailing mountain houses of rustic country feeling. via

mountain residential house21

mountain residential house61

mountain residential house11

mountain residential house12

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