Bear House

March 26, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

graffiti artists decorate walls living room

The Bear House is a renovation of an existing three-storey residence, which has been reconfigured to provide a holiday home at Cha-Am Beach resort for a family who are avid collectors of the Japanese Bearbrick figurines.

bear house renovation

graffiti artists decorate walls swimming pool

bear house renovation7

“The house itself is a replica of the bears’ cabinet. We enlarged the scale of the cabinet, then applied the same timber material to the cabinet and the house.”
Oak panels cover walls, floors and ceilings throughout the house, and there are windows and hatches between different rooms.

bear house renovation6

bear house renovation4

bear house renovation5

The designers invited Thai graffiti artists MMFK and P7 to decorate the walls of the living room and swimming-pool terrace. The duo painted a series of unique characters, including a one-eyed monster dressed as a sailor and a blue bear with stripy cheeks and eyebrows. via

bear house renovation kids bedroom

bear house renovation8

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