Vibia – Euroluce 2013: objects playing with light

March 21, 2013 Modern Lighting

wirefolw arik levy

On the occasion of Euroluce , the International Biennial of Lighting 2013, Vibia presents a series of proposals which confirm one more time its innovative vision for decorative lighting. Bringing out new concepts of interior and outdoor luminaries, the latest collections allow objects, light and space to integrate into each new design.

vibia wall lighting

Vibia welcomes visitors into a warm and cosy environment, based on pine wood and other natural materials. A combination of openings creates a surprising game of light and shadow, bringing dynamism and lightness to the ensemble. The stand is located at Pavilion 9 (C15-D06)
The location conceived by Vibia within Euroluce highlights the new collections of luminaries by internationally renowned designers such as Arik Levy, Nendo, Toni Arola, Ramón Esteve, Cornelissen, Jordi Vilardell, J.L. Xuclà, Lievore Altherr Molina, Martín Azua and Ramos & Bassols. Among the novelties by Vibia for Euroluce 2013 you can find:

unique wall lighting

WIREFOLW by Arik Levy

Exploring geometries in two and three dimensions, Arik Levy designed WIREFLOW , a hanging lighting fixture and, at the same time, a sculpture of light in space. Its structure formed by thin rods and LED (3W) terminals builds a visual continuity of lines and light spots, which gives to the immaterial a definite objectual character.


Nendo’s first collection for Vibia, includes six different hanging lighting fixtures, two table models and two standing luminaries. NUNO by Nendo Delicate layers of linen (‘nuno’ means ‘fabric’ in Japanese) cover the surface of a screen and create a luminary for interiors, characterized by gorgeous and complex textures and a warm light effect.

SET by J.Ll. Xuclà

SET plays with light, shades, luminous and volumetric effects. J. Ll. Xuclà created for Vibia an absolutely unique and versatile wall lighting fixture. A series of mobile pieces produce and reflect light onto the walls, while in the mean time, they elegantly dress and decorate the space around them. SET is the new proposal of Wall Arts by Vibia.

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