Unique culinary vision and design concept

March 20, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

design concept foscarini ligting

Renowned Israeli architect Pitzou Kedem was recruited for the project and partnered with Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio to design the space of this unique restaurant.

bamboo blocks interior decor

pattern concrete walls

The interior evokes a sense of Asia without being traditional or too literal. An underlying thread connects the design of the space with the chef’s travels through the Far East and the resulting menu. The organic form and texture of the banana leaf, for example, is found as a pattern on the concrete walls along the main axis of the space and on tall, pivot space partitions.

organic form texture banana leaf

The main dining space is more formal but the dynamics of the adjacent bar area and open kitchen balance this formality, adding both energy and movement to the experience. The chef room, separated from the kitchen by a glass window, is a private as well as an open-to-all dining room. It is sheltered by two walls from bamboo blocks which lend the space intimacy and privacy. Foscarini and Vibia lamps Vitra chairs and Boffi appliances, was carefully chosen to be prominent  and to give the spaces a classic contemporary feel.

unique restaurant decor

unique culinary design concept

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