Stone, a unique piece that shines within the city

March 19, 2013 Furniture Design

handmade crafted furniture stone11

Stone, a piece reflecting the beauty of the stone that lights up the city. A unique piece handmade crafted, coated with golden leaf and a blue satin interior depicting the radiant involvement of the whole Porto absorbing the river.

Bat eye is a Portuguese brand that embodies in the furniture the collective memory of places, so that each person can take home parts of the city. Founded in September 2011, by Marco Sousa, was presented to the world at Decorex, in London, with the best internationally recognized designers.

stone unique piece3

Marco Sousa is passionate about cities, they’re his inspiration. In each piece converges art, architecture, and urban elements that are reflected in forms, movements, gestures and chromatics, which are transcribed into the furniture as a tribute to places.

handmade crafted furniture2

The city of Oporto was the basis of the inspiration for Port Collection, the first collection of Bat eye. Stone is its latest creation: a piece that reflects the preciousness of granite and the city lights.

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