Refined shapes of nature

March 19, 2013 Product Design

timeless radiator river

The refined shapes of nature, synergy and permeation with water and its flowing motion define the contours of River, a timeless radiator that brings any place in the world into the home. The pictures tell the story of an unspoilt and untamed natural environment, dominated by the cold and by vast expanses of water, which, with its force and power, has given shape to a grand designer item, the sole purpose of which is to protect the home, spreading comfort with its reassuring warmth. Caleido – The atelier of warmth presents a storytelling video of one of its leading products, the River designer radiator | design James Di Marco. The video was created by Udine-based agency Aipem and Dmovie film producers and can be viewed on the Caleido TV YouTube channel. It is the emotional story of the creative and sensorial process behind the creation of a product of technological excellence and flawless heat output, as is River.

contours river radiator

At its production plant in Nave, near Brescia, Caleido has spent twenty years developing designer radiators and towel warmers, all the result of true craftsmanship, a natural sense of beauty and attention to the smallest technical detail.

Caleido is a global benchmark of Italian style, with its cutting-edge technology and the ability to create quality items with true passion and skill.

flowing contours river

Caleido’s designers create radiators and towel warmers that draw inspiration from human values, placing man at the centre of a domestic project and giving life to a home, a story, that is unique each time.

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