Stunningly original interior

March 18, 2013 Interior Design Ideas


Located in Vienna, Austria this stunningly original interior is named the Nussberg Penthouse and was designed by the practice of  Beef Architekti.


The client wanted “a house to remember” and this is exactly what the studio offered with this blend of elegant design and rustic touches. Set in a bohemian old hotel with a spiral staircase on the exterior, the apartment combines the natural feeling through the warm colors and textures with the comfort of today’s furnishings.




The penthouse offers a great view of the city since its location is on a hill and all the rooms have large floor to ceiling windows to let the light enter through all sides. There is also a large terrace outside where several persons can relax and enjoy the beautiful days.




The flooring has the color of light wood and most of the furniture has different shades of brown to increase the warmth and the rustic feeling that is also enhanced by some raw wood panels in different places throughout the penthouse.

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